A milestone for Africa

Water for smart farming

Smart packages are co-developed with farmers, suppliers and other stakeholders within Irrigation Acceleration Platforms.  Promoted packages include a range of products and services that are introduced in combination with tailor-made finance solutions and innovative tools for knowledge dissemination.

We Bring Good Things To Life

The main role of our project in the  program is to support the identification, testing, promotion and scaling of a range of Smart Water Solutions (SWS) to boost SME farming.

Increase availability and access to smart water products and services

Develop corresponding financial products

Create business linkages to the world with the sub saharan

The use of Innovation

Innovation is key to provide new solutions to farmers for smart agriculture. One of these innovations tested and introduced in 2018 is a low pressure pivot system to coincide with the use of solarpumps. This would enable a lower labour

Water very essential

Water is a critical input for agricultural production and plays an important role in food security. Irrigated agriculture represents 20 percent of the total cultivated land and contributes 40 percent of the total food produced worldwide

Irrigated land

Irrigated agriculture is, on average, at least twice as productive per unit of land as rainfed agriculture, thereby allowing for more production intensification and crop diversification.


Future demand on water by all sectors will require as much as 25 to 40% of water to be re-allocated from lower to higher productivity and employment activities, particularly in water stressed regions. In most cases, such reallocation is expected to come from agriculture due to its high share of water use.