Water for Our Women & Girls

Without safe drinking water, adequate sanitation and hygiene facilities at home and in places of work and education, it is disproportionately harder for women and girls to lead safe, productive, healthy lives. Across low-income countries, women and girls have primary responsibility for management of household water supply, sanitation and health

Safe water and pregnancy

With honesty many women share the woes many expecting mothers experience. In the same breath, they express with enthusiasm how grateful they are to have their pregnancies last to term. Tghis makes them give birth to healthy children, We shall forever get involve in bringing water close to our people

Things are more valuable than time

We discovered that something keeping moms  from providing safe water for their families was a lack of access to the financing needed to construct a water tap. This insight led us to create EurowaterprojectCredit, enabling people in need with access to small, affordable loans.

Water Now at home

The days used to start early for women. Without any other option, every morning required a long walk to collect water needed for breakfast, bathing, and cleaning.  They valued the time saved by just purchasing water, but for them it was unwise and financially unfeasible to do this regularly. 

Rain or Not, We are safe

Several hours north of Nairobi, on the western side of Kenya sits Bokorin Village. The village is relatively dry as it experiences just two rainy seasons a year. Because the village lacks a utility-type water supply, families in Bokorin rely on the rains as their primary source of water. Through the organization, Families were able to get  5,000 liter rain storage tanks. The family got their tank in March 2021, just in time for the rainy season. When concerns of COVID-19 reached the village, they knew the families needed sustainable access to water at home so they could remain there, rather than leave to find water, thus reducing their risk of exposure to the virus.

Changing Lives across the world with safe water for women and gilrs

Across the world

Million Lives Changed

Across the world

Countries Working

In Africa Alone

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To ensure Women and Girls have access to Clean safe water

Our solutions break down financial barriers and help people get safe water at home

For millions around the world, access to funds stands between them and safe water and sanitation in their home. We offer a portfolio of smart solutions that break down the financial barriers between people living in poverty and access to safe water and sanitation.


We serve people living in poverty

Our solutions resonate with people living in poverty — specifically people who have enough income potential to take out a water or sanitation loan, but who often cannot access the funds at an affordable rate or pay for facilities and services upfront.

Strengthening the environment for water and sanitation solutions at a systems level

We work with governments, sector institutions, and other partners at a systems-level to influence public policy and practice changes that increase the flow of capital for household water and sanitation solutions.